The adventure is best completed in a week.

Planning On Your Tenerife Whale Watching Trip



Ideally, people go on whale watching experience during summer since aside from that adventure they consider this as a chance to include beach activities, swimming and snorkeling too. So, in such case, earlier on they have already done research on the best area to go. Once they have decided, they will have their early booking.Every day, you will be at sea for 3-5 hours depending on the appearance of the whales. In case they may not, the captain will take the time to extend you stay just so you will get enough sighting. That is what you can expect in a tenerife whale watching cruise.

What is expected in this cruise?

Most boats provide in house stores for your needs but you can also bring your own provision if you so wish. Since it will really be a long ride until you will reach the spot where the whales are grouping, it is also advantageous to bring something that you can spend time in the interim like a book or other personal entertainment.

Guide to booking a whale watching cruise

When you book a whale watching cruise here are the things that you should check and be aware of:

  1. The experience of the staff and the fleet in this kind of cruise
  2. Check if their vessel is well equipped with the latest sea navigating machines. But if you find it difficult to know that, best to ask around your friends and family which cruise is the best and has this equipment.
  3. Do they provide a tour guide or someone who can answer questions related to the whales?
  4. Do they provide a guarantee for whale sighting, and learn if this does not happen what is their assurance to their customers. Mostly in these rare cases, they will allow the customer to return for a free cruise. It should be noted that there are really cases like that for whatever reason; these whales will not show up.


You will know that you are taking a cruise that show confidence and experience in whale watching when they give customers their guarantee even without being asked.