Earlier, only table games were played and their popularity was unmatched

Best innovative features of a Casino


Ever since the inception of casino as a joyful adventure and money making venture, it has only grown and never declined. It has found new exciting features to entertain its customers and we present you here some of its innovative features.

  • Club cards:


Later, with the introduction of slot machine games, attractiveness of table games declined. Slot machine games were ahead of time when compared to table games. Introduction of club cards in slot games was a significant step back then. This kept record of money that a player wins and subsequently it was introduced in every other casino in the world. Slot games amassed large amount of money from its customers.

  • Video slot machines:


  • Traditional slot machines had the problem of accommodating only a fixed number of symbols, coin denominations and reels.
  • Therefore, after putting a lot of thought and time, video slot machines were discovered.
  • These machines had the flexibility to increase everything. Number of slots to 50, number of reels to 5 and provide various bets and coin denominations on one machine.
  • Nearly 80% of casinos’ revenue were brought by video slot machines.


  • Progressive jackpots:


After the International Gaming Technology was credited with the profits gained through video slot machines, there was still a need to discover something further as the jackpots were fixed till then. This led to the discovery of Progressive Jackpot slot machine, which varied and increase the amount every time. Megabucks was the first such machine discovered and soon this machine gained much acclaim.


  • Bitcoin:


Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin suddenly caught everyone’s attention for its fast and secure nature. Crypto-currency allows you to transact even small amounts freely.


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