Avensure Complaints and Positive Reviews: Which Should You Believe?

In terms of Avensure positive reviews, their satisfied customers claim that they’re quick to respond to questions that your staff might have

They also handle all your HR needs in case you don’t want to get swamped when it comes to the details of handling a growing number of employees so that your in-house HR can become more effective. In regards to Avensure reviews and complaints from the 1-star reviewers of the company, they tend to upsell to their 5-year package and allegedly don’t deliver when it comes to 24/7 services. Some of these reviewers even say that you shouldn’t make the same mistake as they have and that Avensure should be avoided like the black plague. With that said, is that a fair assessment of the company?


Make Up Your Own Mind


  • The Complaints: The main complaints that dissatisfied Avensure customers have over the company is a jammed or busy hotline from time to time (it’s as dependable as a pizza delivery hotline but there are times when it gets swamped with requests just like those other hotlines) and upsell suggestions in case you’re in need of better and more comprehensive services for a much longer period of time (it’s a 5-year contract, essentially). Some even claim that their urgent emails, 15 phone calls, and overall slowness has affected their livelihood.


  • The Praise: Avensure does hard work when it comes to delivering paperwork that other HR solutions lack, which then frees up your time because someone else is responsible for drafting your contracts, making your user manuals, and sending all your announcements by paper or by virtual files like emails, instant messenger messages, tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts. They also have fixed fee solutions that never changes so you can budget, plan, and ensure no financial surprises in the horizon.


  • The Bottom Line: Avensure might not be perfect but even if you believe the potential exaggeration that some customers might indulge in, they have loads of services to fill up many of your needs to make things like upsells and an occasionally busy hotline during peak hours not matter as much to you as their guarantees for financial security, increased productivity, and relevant HR advice all day every day and for all seven days of the week.